Haras des Ecus

Located in Brûlon, in the department of the Sarthe in the region of Pays de la Loire, close to Le Mans, one hour by TGV from Paris.  


The main principle of the Haras is the search for high professional quality, both for the men and women and for the horses. The breeding and racing horses’ daily life is focused on the attentive & individualised work and the finesse of preparing the future champions.


Our horses benefit from an exceptional operating structure: several flat and uphill tracks, a straight line, a covered walker, a treadmill, a covered manege, two round pins, the main stable, outside boxes, solarium, cryotherapy and, several large grassy paddocks with shelters.

ronds de longe du Haras des écus

Two round pins

Entraînement de chevaux de course

Tracks and a straight line

Boxes extérieurs

Outside boxes

Marcheur et manège couvert pour chevaux

Covered walker & a manege

Grande écurie du haras

Main stable

Paddocks herbagés avec abris sur 40 hectares

Grazing on 40 hectares

General manager / public trainer on site: Dany Stoehr 06 85 92 78 45


Our broodmares, foals and yearlings enjoy the calm, quality and comfort of our vast breeding grounds.  A small quantity of selected broodmares to obtain the high level of quality sought today.  In search of constant progression for the next generations.

Some of our breedings:

  • Quattro Ecus (111 – 465 096 €),
  • Angel Sky (124 – 203 270 €),
  • Voila Ecus (120 – 198 020 €),
  • Ricardo des Ecus (131 – 160 277 €),
  • French Express (112 – 150 141€),
  • Boca Ecus (125 – 130 240 €),
  • Bea Ecus (133 – 127 020 €),

Responsible for breeding : Tarja Vartiainen 06 20 75 35 28

Yearlings 2023


Experience a moment of disconnection in an exceptional place in connection with nature.

Dress code, social status and hierarchical levels have no impact on group work.

Only sincerity and open-mindedness remain, to reconnect with yourself and with others.


The seminars will be tailored specifically to your needs (the objectives and the length of the seminar to create a custom-made programme for the teams).

Team Coaching can be one of the most powerful ways to speed up business transformation


There is a separate fully equipped seminar building, ‘La Finlande’, a covered manege for equicoaching and several round pins for the experiences with the horses.  Enjoy being outside on beautiful wooden terraces to relax and share your thoughts & learnings with the others.


For accommodation and dinners, quality hotels and restaurants, and even tipis, are all nearby and ready to welcome you.  We can organise your seminar from A to Z J or you can rent the premises for your own seminar/event.

Atelier de multiculturalité

Workshops in multiculturality / interculturality

Our workshops are designed to develop common values, define common interests and objectives in international and multicultural environments while promoting team diversity.

Séminaire de leadership

Leadership seminars

Our leadership seminars (with or without horses) are tailor-made to develop the leadership style of each individual and their authenticity. The specificity of these programs is the inclusion the learnings of Finnish SISU - that inner strength which is essential in life, and which gives authenticity, lasting success in life.

Séminaire de cohésion de groupe

TEAM Building seminars

Custom tailored to the specificities of your team’s objectives, our workshops quickly and deeply transform the professional knowledge of the participants to improve the collective performance of a team and enjoy working together appreciating everyone’s expertise.

Séminaire équicoaching

Well-being / decompression workshops

Personalized according to the client's request, these seminars are focused on well-being, the development of the body and mind, with the possibility of enjoying the benefits of Sophrology and a Finnish Spa/Sauna.

Séminaires en intérieur

Communication workshops

Dress code, social status and hierarchical level have no impact on group work. Only sincerity and open-mindedness remain to reconnect with yourself and with others. Learn to communicate with respect, openness and receive feedback - with a win/win approach.

More information :  tarja-vartiainen.com

We brought together about fifty managers at the Haras des Ecus last September. In this magnificent place, accompanied by Tarja and her team, we had a unique experience on the role of the manager, the stress management, and the positive leadership.  Tarja’s Finnish culture, the experience of athletes at a high level and the well-being provided by the sophrology session were combined to a perfection. Beyond the quality moments shared together, the team left with the resources to better fulfil its role as a manager.”

Cécile SANZ

Rental of the Meeting space

Are you looking for a spacious, comfortable, and a functional place?

For your seminars, meetings, training sessions, conferences or for a one-time workspace, Haras des Écus is a place that encourages quality exchanges and a quick immersion where everyone can fully concentrate on the meeting or a training session.


It makes you forget momentarily the external constraints due to an original experience in a place that is connected with nature and where the time stops running for a precious moment.


Whether it's for the Monday morning CODIR, a quiet meeting with a client, or a team meeting, everyone agrees on the positive impact of the place... and they keep coming back …


A seminar room of 78m² with a kitchen

Two wooden terraces

Television / PC projector / internet access (high-speed / fiber wi-fi)

A coffee machine / tea and cold drinks for relaxing moments outside in large spaces

Wine /cheese tasting and local products available

For more information,

 contact us !


To receive more information or to make an appointment, please fill out the form or contact us directly:

Tarja Vartiainen 06 20 75 35 28


Dany Stoehr 06 85 92 78 45


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